Rayon Linen 1D1943 Burnt Coral Width 51/53" Apparel Fabric

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  • Rayon Linen 1D1943 Burnt Coral
  • Rayon Linen 1D1943 Burnt Coral
  • Rayon Linen 1D1943 Burnt Coral


Welcome to our world of Rayon Linen fabric, where the natural grace of linen meets the softness and comfort of rayon. This delightful blend results in a fabric that's perfect for all seasons, offering a unique combination of style and practicality. Rayon Linen is the perfect choice for making summer apparel such as dresses, blouses, shirts, and trousers. Rayon Linen fabric is also used in home decor items like curtains, tablecloths, and cushion covers. Its natural appearance adds a touch of rustic elegance to interior spaces. Crafters often use Rayon Linen for sewing projects due to its ease of manipulation and appealing texture.

Rayon Linen fabric is your passport to timeless elegance and comfort. Embrace the best of both worlds - the classic appeal of linen and the softness of rayon. Explore our range of Rayon Linen products and let your imagination run wild. Discover the endless possibilities of this exquisite fabric and let it be the canvas for your creativity. Welcome to a world where style, comfort, and versatility come together in perfect harmony.

Content: 70% Rayon 30% Linen 

Width: 51/53"

Weight: 178 GSM

First quality fabric at wholesale price-order by the yard (whole yards only). Click on image to enlarge.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL, AND NO RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Please be sure to order sample swatches and approve the fabric quality and color PRIOR to placing an order.

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Warranty Information

Hand Washing: For best results, hand wash Rayon Linen items. Use a mild detergent and lukewarm water. Gently agitate the water and avoid excessive wringing or twisting. Machine Washing: If the care label permits machine washing, use a gentle or delicate cycle with cold water. Place the garment in a mesh laundry bag to prevent excessive friction.
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Additional Information

For orders over 200 yards please email your PO directly to our email address info@morexfabrics.com
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